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New Zealand Company Adds Soundcraft

A New Zealand–based sound rental company has added its first Soundcraft Vi6 digital audio console. Based in Auckland, College Hill has enjoyed a steep trajectory of success since Chris Tate (pictured) founded the company in 1996. With a strong presence on the national and international touring scene, working recently with The Rolling Stones and Cher, College Hill also provides high-end systems for corporate events and theater productions, as well as working with radio and TV broadcasters in New Zealand.

Tate has been evaluating digital consoles for several years, with no single product satisfying all his requirements. “Then we got wind of the Soundcraft Vi6 and the concept for its user interface. That, coupled with the knowledge that the technology has already proven itself in Studer’s Vista Series consoles, left us with only one more thing to check, and I have to say, it is one of the nicest-sounding consoles I’ve ever heard. So when it finally arrived in New Zealand, we snapped up the first one.”

Being the first in the New Zealand rental market with the Soundcraft Vi6 is seen by College Hill Productions as a bonus. “It gives us a chance to really put it through its paces before the onslaught of regular use from touring engineers,” continues Tate, who gave the console its first major workout at the Trusts Stadium in Waitakere, on the giant Cirque Rocks event featuring the world’s best Cirque acts, X-Games athletes and dancers. “The reaction from our market has been extremely positive so far. The radio and TV guys are delighted to see the Soundcraft Vi6’s MADI interface, which integrates perfectly with their normal equipment infrastructure, and even the lighting guys are jealously commenting on how the Vi6 looks better than their consoles!”

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