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The San Diego Symphony and audio reinforcement specialists Power Plus Sound & Lighting (San Marcos, CA) hosted Doc Severinsen's Latin Band. Violinist Ilmar Gavilan was outfitted with a DPA 4061 miniature condenser mic, a perfect fit because it doesn't “leave any marks on the instrument or change its timbre.”…High-profile human rights advocates such as Bono, Beyoncé, Peter Gabriel and The Eurythmics were on hand to support Nelson Mandela's AIDS Awareness Concert last November.Sennheiser provided two dozen SKM 5000 N handheld transmitters andEM 3532-U dual-channel receivers, and Neumann KK 105-Scapsules…Elizabeth Baptist Church (East Point, GA) brought Mike Hedden, president of dB Acoustic and Sound (Gainesville, GA), to consult on its latest upgrade to Sound Physics Lab loudspeakers, including a left/center/right sound system comprising two SPL-triks™.