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NEXO GEO T System for Sandy Lam

Chinese star Sandy Lam returned to the stage after a four-year absence, filling the most important concert venue in Southeast China—the Hong Kong Coliseum. The show was played “in the round,” with amplification provided by eight flown arrays of GEO T, each comprising six GEO T4805s and three T2815s.

Over the square stage, this meant two arrays for each of the four sides of the room. CD18 SubBass units were also flown—eight in total, two per side—situated next to the GEO-T line array. The GEO Ts and CD18s were driven by 32 CAMCO V6 amplifiers. Front-fill and stage monitoring was provided by 40 PS15 cabinets, also driven by CAMCO amps.

Equipment was provided by Top Plot International Ltd, with technical assistance from Francois Deffarges at NEXO. Michael Chow of Top Plot reports that some of the artists guest-starring in the Sandy Lam show are already asking for NEXO GEO T for their own concerts.

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