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Neyrinck V-Mon Post Monitoring Plug-In for Pro Tools Now Supports AAX

Neyrinck V-Mon Version 3

Neyrinck in San Francisco announces Version 3 of its V-Mon post surround monitoring plug-in, which now supports AAX DSP and uses the power of the new Pro Tools|HDX cards for processing. V-Mon supports up to 10 5.1 inputs or six 7.1 inputs, eight stereo aux inputs, four talkback inputs, and two listen-back inputs.

V-Mon provides extensive output control for up to four 7.1 speaker systems, one stereo downmix, eight cues, one stem meter for external hardware metering, and one stereo meter for external hardware metering. V-Mon is compatible with the Tac Systems VMC-101 remote controller for convenient, hands-on control of the V-Mon system.

“With the introduction of the new Pro Tools HDX cards, our users needed to be able to run V-Mon on these new systems, so this is a welcome upgrade to our many post mixing clients who rely on V-Mon for their monitoring needs,” says company founder Paul Neyrinck. “V-Mon is a unique Pro Tools plug-in and porting to HDX was a big challenge. After a tremendous amount of optimization, we were able to make V-Mon have the same features at 48kHz sample rate as it does on TDM systems.”

V-Mon can be downloaded from the Neyrinck Website and requires an iLok code to function. V-Mon keys are available for purchase from Neyrinck dealers around the world or can be purchased directly from the Neyrinck Web store for $599. V-Mon V. 2 and customers of earlier versions can upgrade for $299. Customers who purchased V-Mon after December 1, 2011 are eligible for a free upgrade.

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