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Noise Control Audio FF204, 206D

The Noise Control Audio speaker-management systems (FF204/206D) are high-performance, easy-to-use signal processors for loudspeaker systems. The FF206D provides stereo three-way or mono six-way processing, while the FF204D offers stereo two-way or mono four-way. Both units can be managed at the facia or integrated seamlessly with Linea Reaserch’s Podware software interface (supplied with the controllers). Podware adds networkability to the system which can operate at distances of up to a kilometer between devices.

Other features include six bands of parametric EQ per channel, a choice of 13 crossover/filter shapes, delay and polarity settings. Noise and distortion levels are typically THD 0.008%, 20H to 20k Hz), and the compressors are highly transparent. Although the units are supplied with presets for Noise Control Audio configurations, they can be used with any amplifier/speaker arrangement.

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