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Nordic, Dolby Rock Denmark

Nordic Rentals A/S introduced the new Dolby Lake Processor, used on the main stage P.A. system, at the recent Danmarks Smukkeste Festival, Denmark’s second-biggest outdoor concert event. Jens Elsborg, technical director for Nordic Rentals, says, “J.P. Andersen, the festival organizer, told me, ‘It can be said quite simply that it has never, ever sounded so good in the forest.'”

Nordic Rentals boasts the largest inventory of Dolby Lake Processor and Lake Contour digital loudspeaker processors in Europe—20 units in total—and
regularly supplies the sound and lighting equipment for all of the festival
stages. “I am a very happy owner after hearing the new Dolby Lake Processor
at work over the last three months and receiving a massive positive response
from audiences, promoters and band techs,” Elsborg reports. “My first
impression was of sweet, soft and highly detailed super-highs, and the lows
are filled with tone and punch. Artists like Beck and Jamiroquai, good
examples of bands with massive lows, have much more definition. The P.A. just

Nordic Rentals deployed four Dolby Lake Processors and a Lake Contour Pro26 on the main Beech Tree stage (pictured), plus a total of six Lake Contour Pro26 units Rytme Hans and Planet Blue stages, all with Adamson loudspeaker systems.

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