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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sound Company: Rat Sound Systems Inc.

FOH Engineer/Console: Dave Rat/Midas Heritage H3000

Monitor Engineers/Console: George Squires, Peter Baigent/Midas Heritage H3000

P.A./Amps: L'Acoustics V-DOSC, dV-DOSC, Rat Dual-18-inch subs/Crown 5002, 7001; Chevin Q6, Shure PSM 700 PEMs

Monitors: Rat L-Wedge, Radian Microwedge, RAT Stereo three-way sidefills and subs, Rat three-way drumfills and subs

Key Outboard Gear: BSS 9088 Soundweb, DPR404, DPR504, DN514, FCS960; Sound Technology RTA4000; Meyer CP10; Eventide H3500; Lexicon PCM60

Select Mics: Audix OM7, D6; Shure SM98, KSM32, SM91, SM57

FOH Technician: Nick Brisbois

Production Manager: Bill Rahmy Shania Twain

Sound Company: Clair Bros./Showco

FOH Engineers/Console: Nigel Green, Brad Madix, Dave Skaff/Digico D5 Live

Monitor Engineer/Console: Steve McCale/ Digico D5 Live

P.A./Amps: Clair Bros. i4™ Curved Line Array

Monitors: 16 Sennheiser Evolution Wireless 300 IEM in Clairphones™ custom packaging, Clair Bros. 12AM™

Key Outboard Gear: Manley Vox Boxes, Clair Brothers iO system controller

Select Mics: Sennheiser Evolution 500 Wireless Series (vocal)

Crew Chief: Dave Skaff 

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