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Now Shipping: Drawmer 1968ME JFET Tube Compressor

Drawmer’s new 1968ME dual-channel JFET tube compressor is a 1U, 2-channel compressor featuring a JFET/tube combination design. Features include dual JFET compressors with variable threshold, attack and release. On the outputs, 12AX7 tubes with variable gain control offer flexible application from transparent to “overdrive” tone characteristics.

Both channels of the 1968ME have a toggle switch labeled Big, which controls the unit’s detector-stage highpass filter. The Big highpass filter gives users the ability to deal with bass-heavy signals without “bass pumping.”

Other front panel features include dual mono or true stereo link operation; sidechain access and listen capability; VU metering of gain reduction and output; switchable +10dB VU rescale mode for working at hot output levels; red VU “almost clipping” warning light; and balanced +4dB XLR I/O. MSRP: approx. $2,150.

Visit Drawmer’s U.S. distributor, TransAudio Group, at for details. For more new product announcements, visit