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Now Shipping: M-Audio FireWire 1814

M-Audio is now shipping its new FireWire 1814 recording interface, the company’s first FireWire interface with ADAT Lightpipe connectivity.

The FireWire 1814 is an 18-in, 14-out audio interface with MIDI, word clock and a host of other features. The unit features 8×4 analog I/O (1/4-inch) at up to 24-bit/96 kHz. It also boasts 192 kHz on the first two analog inputs and all four analog outputs. Channels 1 and 2 include mic/instrument preamps with front panel Neutrik jacks, gain controls, phantom power and pads. S/PDIF coaxial/optical digital I/O provides 2-channel PCM and pass-through of surround-encoded AC-3 and DTS material. The 8×8 ADAT Lightpipe I/O rounds out the 18×14 design. The Lightpipe connectivity can be used as either eight channels at 48 kHz or four channels at 96 kHz using S/MUX support.

The unit’s internal mixer allows for input and output routing, including software routing to an aux send channel, which can be used as an effects send or as a monitor mix. It features a front panel momentary switch with LED status indicator for direct monitoring on/off or A/B DJ-style pre-cueing. The FireWire 1814 also sports two headphone amplifiers with individually assigned sources from software and independent level controls. A front panel rotary knob also affords real-time control of software-assignable outputs, inputs, software returns or aux send.

The rear panel of the FireWire 1814 also features two FireWire ports and a 15-pin connector for a breakout cable. This cable presents 1×1 MIDI I/O, coaxial S/PDIF and BNC word clock connectors for synchronization with other digital devices such as M-Audio’s new Octane preamp.

MSRP for the FireWire 1814 is $749.95.

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