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Now Shipping: Soundelux E250

Soundelux is now shipping the E250 cardioid tube condenser microphone, which is reportedly designed to address inherent problems that arise from close-miking loud vocals with classic cardioid mics.

“I started out designing a more affordable and mellow version of the ELUX 251 while still retaining all the 251’s meat and sound,” says designer David Bock. “The E250 is not as bright as the 251 with its pronounced high-frequency peak. The 250 is mellowed down a bit and I sculpted the proximity effect more towards the middle of the vocal range than down below it where it usually lives. Basically the 250 is a condenser version of the 251 optimized for close vocals and includes all our modern enhancements with lower noise and distortion specs.”

The E250 features the same color scheme as the ELUX 251 but with a one-piece body and without a chromed windscreen. The E250 is delivered in a wood box, comes with a custom shock mount and the P251 power supply.

The E250’s capsules are reportedly hand-picked and individually tested. They have a one-inch in diameter with a six-micron thick gold-vapor deposited diaphragm, and the entire capsule is mounted in a brass holder.

Other features include a frequency range of 20 Hz-18 kHz +/-2dB, a sensitivity of 27mV/Pa, 110 dB dynamic range, impedance of 200 Ohms and more. MSRP: $3,000.

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