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NSCA Offers Insurance

NSCA has developed a proprietary insurance program to provide its member companies with customized solutions for protecting their people and their assets nationwide. The new NSCA SystemsPlus offering will launch with SystemsPlus P&C (Property and Casualty) and SystemsPlus Surety components at competitive rates for an insurance program that encompasses the particular needs of the electronic systems industry. A SystemsPlus Health offering is also slated for release in the coming months.

“The SystemsPlus insurance program will provide significant gains in efficiency for NSCA member companies, as it is not only price competitive, but it bundles several types of coverage together,” comments NSCA director of member services Jodi Montgomery.

SystemsPlus Surety has bonding in all 50 states and includes an aggregate per project to protect companies that see a sudden spike in business. “If a contractor takes on a large project that exceeds their normal workload, we’ll be able to insure that on an individualized basis, providing more cost-effective coverage,” Montgomery explains. For contractors experienced in using contract bond support, SystemsPlus professionals will review support levels and rates to confirm that they have the best program or if NSCA’s program can improve surety bond support.

The SystemsPlus Surety program also offers educational white papers, including “Surety Bonds 101,” “How to Get Surety Credit,” “How to Maximize Credit Capacity” and “Maintaining a Surety Relationship.”

SystemsPlus P&C offers the same pricing and stability benefits as SystemsPlus Surety with an A-plus–rated insurance carrier covering all 50 states. Dedicated claims adjusters with industry training will work with NSCA members. Additionally, dedicated loss control engineers will provide guidance in designing and implementing a safety program specific to individual company’s needs.

Lines of coverage provided with SystemsPlus P&C include workers compensation, auto liability, general liability, professional liability (E&O), property, equipment floater and excess liability. Coverage enhancements include life safety systems, consultant work, security and alarm systems, and errors and omissions.

To help business owners and managers maximize their coverage options, NSCA offers a series of insurance-related sessions in conjunction with TrueNorth Companies LC at the annual Systems Integration Expo.

Those interested in SystemsPlus can receive an estimate of their premium by calling 888/864-5455 or visit for additional information. A 24- to 48-hour turnaround on a quote is guaranteed, and in some cases, an estimate can be made over the phone.