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Omnia ONE for Coded Audio

The Omnia ONE for Coded Audio ($2,995) preconditions audio to minimize the audible effects of bit-reduction in digital broadcasting. Omnia ONE uses SENSUS technology (developed in collaboration with the coding experts at Telos) to monitor content and dynamically optimize processing for the target encoder, which results in fewer coding artifacts for smooth and clean multicasts. Visitors to NAB 2007 can see and hear Omnia ONE in the Telos/Omnia /Axia display in booth #N7726.

Omnia ONE aims to benefit anyone producing audio for coded channels, including HD Radio, satellite broadcasters, producers of Webcasts and podcasts, and audio for broadcast to cellular phones.

A wideband gain rider plus 4-band AGC allows fine adjustments to create a “signature” sound. Omnia ONE also offers look-ahead final limiting optimized for the HD codec with feedback limiters for the lower two bands and feed-forward for the upper two bands. SENSUS codec conditioning technology promises enhanced clarity and musicality even at low bit rates. Omnia ONE also promises time-aligned, dynamically flat, perfect-reconstruction crossovers and selectable phase rotation for vocal warmth and presence. Its I/O section includes analog and AES/EBU connections, plus Livewire interface for direct integration with Axia IP-Audio networks. Silence-sense can automatically switch to backup input on loss of audio. It also offers flexible remote control via Ethernet, RS-232, or GPIO connections.

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