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One and Dunn Podcast: Tom Kenny, Co-Editor of Mix

Tom Kenny doesn't usually like talking about himself, but he sits down with Karen Dunn and KMD Productions to reminisce about his early experiences at Mix and his entrance into the pro audio community.


“Every industry has its voice, has its beacon. Whether it’s a magazine, a newsletter, a voice, a blogger, anything. It provides that access to that industry.” —Tom Kenny, Co-Editor of Mix Magazine

In its eighth weekly episode, which debuted on August 26, Karen Dunn and KMD Productions feature Mix co-editor Tom Kenny.

Family and community mean everything to Tom. Middle child of 12, Tom talks about how these influences fit into his articles in Mix Magazine and about working together with people to reach a common goal, tells stories of his years working the TEC Awards (Beatles legend, Producer Sir George Martin may be mentioned), and provides tips for those looking to dip their toes in music journalism.

Come listen anytime and get to know your fellow audio community members!