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One Union Learns Simglish

One Union Recording’s senior engineer Eben Carr recently got a crash-course education in “Simglish,” the language spoken by fans of Electronic Arts videogame The Sims 2. Carr mixed 12 spots for EA, working with the advertising agency Weiden-Kennedy.

“These were cool spots because they featured the real games that real people had designed,” Carr explains. “We didn’t use professional talent, all of the voice overs were real people, so the spots are a bit raw and quirky. I think they catch people’s attention right away.”

In addition to mixing all 12 of the spots, Carr was responsible for recording the voice over tracks for the “Orphanage” and “Construction” spots. “We didn’t even have a script for the ‘Construction” spot,’ Carr explains. “The woman went into one of our iso booths with a copywriter and he interviewed her for 30 minutes. We pulled some good quotes out of that and it worked well.”

Carr worked in One Union’s Studios 2 and 3, using Digidesign’s Pro Tools to get the mixes to work for stereo television broadcast.

The 12 spots came on the heels of a spot Carr mixed for Krux Trucks and preceded work he’s currently performing for HP and Sony.

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