P&E Wing Event 'In The Mix: Listening Session' in Nashville

photo of Rick Clark, Bil VornDick, Julian King, Russ Long, Jason Lehning

From left, top row: Rick Clark, Bil VornDick, Julian King. Bottom row: Russ Long, Jason Lehning. Photo: Yu Howe.

On February 24, 2015, the Recording Academy Nashville Chapter and Producers & Engineers Wing presented "In The Mix: Listening Session" at Addiction Sound Studios in Nashville's Berry Hill neighborhood, a district known for its large studio community. Attendees included engineers, producers, studio owners, journalists and other industry figures.

Over the past year, "In The Mix: Listening Session" has become a recurring and highly anticipated event among the Nashville recording community, providing attendees the opportunity to step out of their personal studio environments and socialize with peers in a casual setting. 

Addiction Sound Studios is a private studio owned by keyboardist/composer Jonathan Cain (Journey, The Babys, Bad English) and producer/engineer/musician David Kalmusky (Journey, Neil Schon, John Oates), designed by Chris Hudson.

Leading the session was P&E Wing Committee Co-Chair Julian King, and sharing music were Jason Lehning, Jim Catino, Bil VornDick, Jon Randall Stewart, Russ Long, Dan Shike, Garth Fundis, Steve Ivey and Rick Clark. The songs played spanned genres including country, pop and rock, and attendees delved into both the recording techniques used and the inspiration behind each track.

For more information, visit www.grammy.org/recording-academy/producers-and-engineers.