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Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School in Nashville Adds Harman Professional Equipment

Pearl-Cohn’s control room

Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School in Nashville offers an opportunity to students who are interested in pursuing careers in the entertainment industry, offering concentrations in audio engineering, radio production, broadcasting and other media industries. Fulfilling a key initiative of the project, in late 2012 Pearl Cohn partnered with the Nashville Chapter of the Recording Academy’s Producers and Engineers (P&E) Wing to build a fully functioning, world-class recording studio, creating the opportunity for students to learn music production skills in a professional, hands-on environment.

The new studio is equipped with Harman Professional’s newest JBL studio monitors, AKG headphones and microphones, Lexicon effects and Crown amplifiers.

The commissioning of the studio at Pearl-Cohn marks the first installation of the JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors powered by two Crown iTech 5000 HD power amplifiers. The M2, JBL’s flagship main monitor system, leverages seven patented technologies, JBL’s next generation transducers and its new Image Control Waveguide to deliver exceptional imaging, frequency response and high output to very broad space in the control room.

The control room also includes a 5.1 JBL LSR6300 system, while edit rooms are equipped with JBL LSR4300 studio monitor systems. AKG microphones and headphones include K271MKII and K240MKII headphones, D12 VR drum microphone, C214s, a C414 matched stereo set and three C451B condensers. Lexicon’s PCM96 Parallel Stereo and Surround Sound Reverb/effect processor was installed. Pearl-Cohn also installed three complete Lexicon plug-in packages.

The transformation of Pearl Cohn into an entertainment magnet high school was the personal project of Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, and Music Makes Us, a music education advocacy group, working to create a world-class learning environment for entertainment arts in Nashville.

Renowned studio designer Steven Durr donated his time to develop the plans and oversee construction of the fully equipped studio. Producer/engineers Jeff Balding and Chuck Ainlay, as well as Ben Fowler, Julian King, Nick Palladino, Terry Palmer, Matt Schlachter, Jon Randall Stewart, Durr and other members of the Nashville music community served as a subcommittee to help put the facility together.

“Music education is so important to the Recording Academy, so when we were approached with the idea of Pearl-Cohn’s studio, we were proud to help in the development, contacting key associates in the music world to construct the first-of-its-kind high school facility,” says Susan Stewart, South Regional Director, The Recording Academy. “The studio became a reality with the help of the generous manufacturers and the community, who bonded together to provide students the hands-on environment they deserve to excel in the music industry.”

Pearl-Cohn’s new studio facility includes AKG microphones and headphones.

“It was the intention of the school from the start to provide professional-level education,” says Sam Lorber, instructional designer at Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School. “Whether students are going to pursue an audio degree or a career immediately after graduating, they will have the problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills associated with a strong audio-based foundation. With the P&E Wing and Harman, our vision of building the all-encompassing studio has far surpassed what we ever imagined was possible.”

Pearl-Cohn provides nine audio classes. The studio/audio program has become the centerpiece of a curriculum that includes a student-run record label and publishing company, plus classes in studio techniques for musicians and singers. Students select between careers as producers, managers, engineers, marketing agents, and more, and enroll in classes beginning with a survey of the music industry and progressing into the specific areas of each student’s interest.

“With a student-run record label, a state of the art studio and the support of music industry veterans, the stage is set at Pearl-Cohn for emerging talent to make their mark in the music world,” says Mark Ureda, VP of Strategy and Technology at Harman Professional. “The future of the industry lies within these kids. We are proud to partner with The Recording Academy in support of this project.”

“We want our students to realize their dreams and potential,” Lorber adds. “They enter the program with ambitions, and we want them to graduate with the skills that will provide a stepping stone for a successful career in the audio industry and success in life. Having a partner like Harman enables us to create a student-centered studio that rivals university and professional facilities. The sound emanating from our studio is superb and we can’t thank our partners enough for helping Pearl-Cohn inspire its students in this top-of-the-line learning environment.”

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