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Phoenix Sound Opens in Arizona

Phoenix Sound managing director Pete Fielder

Phoenix Sound has completed its first orchestral recording sessions just three months after opening its recording and mixing facility in an empty sound stage.

With its emphasis on music-to-picture work for film and television, Phoenix Sound chose an ATC 5.1 surround system for its spacious control room.

ATC SCM200ASL Pro three-way actives are installed as the main studio monitors L, C and R, with powered SCM20ASL Pro units for the rear channels. Two SCM 0.1/15 Pro subs built into plinths extend the extreme LF, delivering over 118dB at very low distortion down to well below 20Hz.

The control room also contains a Neve VR 72-channel desk recording to three multi-track formats—Pro Tools|HD, RADAR and Sony 3348 digital multi-track. The studio itself can accommodate up to 30 musicians.

To learn more about ATC, visit their U.S. distributor at