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Pinanson to Manufacture EtherSound-Enabled Connectivity Products

Pinanson, a Spanish manufacturer of audio and video connectivity products, has selected the open EtherSound standard as its digital audio platform technology.

“We are coming across digital technology more and more frequently,” explains Pinanson’s president, Angel Sanchez, “especially in the live sound arena where digital mixing consoles are now a very common sight. It has therefore become imperative that we now offer customers a choice between traditional analog connectivity solutions and digital audio distribution. We chose EtherSound because we believe that Ethernet is the future of signal distribution in professional audio and, as such, EtherSound offers the simplest, most flexible, and most cost-effective digital audio distribution technology on the market. EtherSound connectivity is already available in a number of mixing desks and we anticipate that there will be many more brands in the future.”

Pinanson’s range of analog audio and video connectivity products includes splitters, patchbays, stageboxes, multicores, cables, connectors and a large number of accessories. The first digital product to be manufactured is a stagebox featuring 48 EtherSound inputs (mic and line) and 16 EtherSound outputs.

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