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Pioneer Electronics Introduces XY Series Professional Speakers

Pioneer Electronics XY-101 10-inch, two-way full range P.A. speaker

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.’s Professional Audio Division has completed its line of XY Series Professional Speakers with four new models: XY-101 10-inch, two-way full range P.A. speakers; XY-152 15-inch, two-way full range P.A. speakers; XY-115S 15-inch bass reflex subwoofer enclosure; and XY-218S dual 18-inch bass reflex subwoofer enclosure (all prices TBA). Pioneer’s XY line is designed for delivering clear and immersive sound in small to mid-sized venues such as clubs, bars and restaurants.

Also built for near-field monitoring, the new speakers promise high quality audio to a room full of listeners and to the DJ performer.

Like the company’s current XY speakers introduced earlier in 2014, all four models were designed to provide powerful audio output with great impact and outstanding sound quality. Pioneer will also offer the XY lineup, along with current models, in white at slightly higher costs.

With the addition of the XY-101 and XY-152, Pioneer’s full range XY series speakers now offer a variety of different lowpass driver sizes including 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch, all complemented with large highpass compression drivers. The new XY-101 (10-inch) and XY-152 (15-inch) promise to produce a very wide dispersion pattern and also generate a wider frequency range, with the lower range reportedly as low as 50 Hz, depending on the model. The entire full range series offers powerful audio with excellent sound quality, ideal for P.A. use requiring high efficiency and durability, along with near-field use, which requires increased volume output. In addition, both models are constructed with 15mm (0.6-inch) birch wood and multiple rigging points for mounting in vertical and horizontal positions.

Pioneer Electronics XY-115S 15-inch bass reflex subwoofer enclosure

Complementing the full range models to deliver the ultra-low frequencies found in today’s music, Pioneer added the XY-115S and XY-218S into the lineup. Both are said to be able to produce dynamic bass response in differently sized environments. The XY-115S houses a single 15-inch subwoofer in a bass reflex enclosure to produce output effectively within the 45- to 150Hz range. For larger venues that require an even lower frequency response, Pioneer offers the XY-218S, which includes two extra-large 18-inch drivers installed in a bass reflex enclosure to deliver low bass frequencies between 32 and 150 Hz.

To properly power the new XY speakers, Pioneer recommends the use of Powersoft K6DSP, K3DSP and K2DSP K-series amplifiers.

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Watch the video “Pioneer Pro Audio XY Series Additional Line-up Introduction” on Pioneer Professional Audio’s YouTube channel.