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PLASA: Martin Audio Engineer

Martin Audio recently introduced Engineer, its new digital-management processor. Incorporating a broad range of standard facilities such as gain, EQ, limiting, time delay and a 4×8 routing matrix, the Engineer also features the BassCreator and Engineer algorithms.

Engineer also provides automatic built-in control of program level and tonal quality to compensate for variations in program sources.

In use, a 20-second segment is stored from a well-produced track, with good tonal characteristics, at the press of the Auto-Catch button. The sample provides the engineer with a reference of content level and an average of high and low frequencies. All subsequent material will be compared to the sample and adjusted to ensure that the tone and level match closely. In addition, the Engineer has a window of advanced settings, enabling every parameter of operation to be tailored to suit the venue and style of music most often played.

The BassCreator algorithm enables the unit to eliminate sub-frequency noise pollution by isolating the disturbing bass frequencies. This algorithm uses a psycho-acoustical effect to give the impression of deep sub-bass without actually creating any of the lower frequencies associated with noise pollution.

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