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Plugin Alliance Announces SPL De-Esser Collection, Noveltech Character Plug-In

SPL De-Esser plug-in

Plugin Alliance LLC announces the SPL De-Esser Collection, a plug-in bundle from the German analog and digital audio processor designer/manufacturer, and Noveltech Audio’s Character, the Finnish company’s first plug-in developed in collaboration with Plugin Alliance.

SPL De-Esser Collection ($149, increasing to $199 on April 4, 2012) comprises two Analog Code plug-ins, emulating the SPL De-Esser, which removes undesirable sibilant frequencies from vocal tracks without compromising the timbre and natural character of a voice. Whereas traditional de-essers use compression techniques, SPL’s Auto Dynamic De-Esser monitors the entire frequency spectrum and automatically detects the sibilant frequencies. The bandwidth is set narrowly around the range of the sibilance so that neighboring frequencies remain unaffected.

Noveltech Character plug-in

Noveltech Audio’s Character ($99, increasing to $149 on April 4, 2012) is said to intelligently enhance relevant characteristics found in source material, such as the time-related attack and decay properties of the signal’s transients, by automatically adjusting complex sets of parameters. Such processing is non linear, and highly dependent on the source material’s original content. The Character algorithm is based on Noveltech Audio’s Intelligent Adaptive Filtering (IAF) technology.

The Input control cuts/boosts input signal (-48 to +6 dB), while Output cuts/boosts output signal (-48 to +6 dB). Character adjusts the amount of signal being added to the boosted input signal (0 to 100 percent). The Target scale of 0 to 100 represents the relative position in the full-frequency range of the input signal at the current moment in time. Mode 1 is optimized for percussive instruments and vocals, while Mode 2 is optimized for guitars and synths, and Mode 3 is optimized for bass guitar and pads.

Red LEDs start to illuminate when input/output signals clip, while the Character meter measures the amount of “characterization.” The plug-in includes 17 presets in its main window, all of which are selectable, but not alterable, although new presets can be stored via the host DAW software).

Both the SPL De-Esser Collection and Noveltech Character plug-in are available in 64- and 32-bit versions, and can be downloaded and purchased in all Mac OS X, Windows, and TDM/Venue formats.

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