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PreSonus Introduces Studio One 3 Digital Audio Workstation

PreSonus in Baton Rouge is now shipping its Studio One 3 digital audio workstation, available in Artist and Professional editions (prices TBA). Version 3 offers a dual platform (Mac and Windows) multi-touch interface, works with Studio One Remote for iPad, and introduces the Arranger Track, which lets users copy or move entire song sections via drag-and-drop. It has its own Track Inspector, which shows all sections of a song and also doubles as a navigation tool within a song.

V. 3 includes new features and updates, such as hands-on editing, mixing, and arranging via Mac and PC multi-touch displays; a customizable high DPI user interface; Studio One Remote for iPad control; AudioBend time and pitch manipulation updated with élastiquePRO 3 algorithms; Rotor and Bitcrusher audio effects; automation curves; 1:1 Track view/console sync; step recording; a definable Alternate tool; and context-sensitive help, documentation, and tool-tips.

Scratch Pads, also in Studio One Professional, provide an independent parallel timeline that lets users safely experiment with alternate ideas without jeopardizing arrangements. Simply drag Arranger sections, individual content, or entire songs into the Scratch Pad, make edits, then drag it back to the main song. Unlimited Scratch Pads can be saved with a project, to avoid the prospect of saving numerous alternate song files.

The updated Browser, found in both Artist and Professional, includes a tag-based “musical” search. Users can now search for loops, samples and presets by typing keywords like “genre” and “instrument” or by filtering content by selecting tags. The Browser also now has an integrated Cloud tab, which provides access to additional content online.

Extended FX Chains, new in the Professional version, provide new ways to build complex, multi-dimensional sounds by chaining and combining effects plug-ins in serial, in parallel by channel, or by frequency with up to five splits.

Also new in Professional, Multi Instruments allow users to combine multiple instruments as layers or splits in a single Instrument Track and play them like one instrument. Further dimensions can be added to a sound by using Note FX on individual Instruments layers within a Multi Instrument.

Note FX is a new plug-in type introduced in Studio One 3 that adds life to Instrument tracks by processing their note data. The four Note FX included with Studio One 3 Professional are Arpeggiator, Chorder, Repeater, and Input Filter.

Each console channel and Multi Instrument in Studio One Professional now offers Macro Controls, which allow individual instrument or plug-in parameters to be assigned to control knobs, switches and X/Y pads for easy access. Multiple parameters can be assigned to the same control with independent settings for range/polarity/curve.

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