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PreSonus Introduces StudioLive AR USB Hybrid Mixers

StudioLive AR16 USB, StudioLive AR12 USB, StudioLive AR8 USB

PreSonus StudioLive AR16 USB

PreSonus announces its StudioLive AR USB hybrid mixers, comprising three models: the 18-channel StudioLive AR16 USB ($599.95 MAP), 14-channel StudioLive AR12 USB ($499.95 MAP), and 8-channel StudioLive AR8 USB ($299.95). StudioLive AR USB mixers are equipped with a USB 2 audio interface that can capture all input channels, plus the main mix, to a Mac or Windows PC, with 24-bit/96kHz quality.

StudioLive AR USB mixers are tightly integrated with PreSonus’ Capture live-recording software and Studio One 3 Artist DAW recording and production software; both are included for free.

PreSonus StudioLive AR12 USB

For applications where connecting a computer is inconvenient, every StudioLive AR USB mixer comes equipped with an onboard stereo SD recorder that allows for recording the main mix without a computer—just hit Record and go. The SD recorder can also play up to 32 GB of MP3 and WAV files for hours of program music or backing tracks without needing a computer.

The new hybrid mixers feature the PreSonus Super Channel, which allows users to connect four stereo analog and digital sources at once, enabling use of the mixer with high-tech devices. Plug a media player into the Super Channel’s unbalanced RCA and 1/8-inch stereo inputs and play stereo audio from the onboard SD recorder or from a USB-connected Mac or Windows PC. Use onboard Bluetooth 4.1 to pair your phone to a StudioLive AR mixer and instantly have wireless access to a music library for break music, backing tracks, or ear-training. Users who have a song for the rest of the band to learn may pair a phone and start rehearsing.

StudioLive AR USB mixers include Class-A mic preamps, two instrument inputs, 3-band semi-parametric EQ, pan, mute and PFL solo. In addition to the main outputs, there are monitor mix outputs with dedicated buses for feeding stage wedges, a headphone amp, or an in-ear system. Because the StudioLive AR USB is also a studio mixer, there are control-room outputs with level control to feed studio monitors.

PreSonus StudioLive AR8 USB

Each StudioLive AR USB mixer has an internal stereo effects processor with 16 presets, including an assortment of room, hall, and plate reverbs; chorus and delay effects; and a preset that emulates an acoustically treated studio room to provide a warmer, more intimate tone. A dedicated effects return, complete with master level fader and monitor sends, lets users adjust the amount of the effects in the main and monitor mixes. Users can also bypass the effects with an optional footswitch.

PreSonus expects all models to be available in the third quarter of 2016.

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