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PreSonus Studio One Video Instructional Course Available on

PreSonus announces that a two-hour course of video instruction on PreSonus’ Studio One DAW, titled Up and Running with Studio One, featuring producer and remixer Josh Harris, is now available at To promote the new course, online learning company is offering a seven-day trial membership to all registered Studio One users.

“Audio is a segment within our online library of tutorials that is quickly growing in popularity among music professionals,” says David Franz, content manager for audio. “Up and Running with Studio One represents a significant addition to our library that gives learners a great introduction to the software.”

In his Studio One course, Harris quickly demonstrates how to work with the powerful, yet easy-to-learn DAW, beginning with the Start page and with setting up your artist profile and audio devices. He then shows how to set up and start recording a new song, including punching in and using track layers.

Next, Harris moves into editing audio and MIDI, explaining such important editing functions as comping, trimming, and time-stretching audio; quantizing MIDI; and editing MIDI velocities. He then covers the main mixing features, including using effects chains and presets and working with automation. He also discusses the mastering features of the Studio One Project page.

Harris wraps up the course by demonstrating how to share music with the world, including publishing songs to SoundCloud, promoting songs on Nimbit, and using PreSonus Exchange.

Visit to begin a free trial membership.