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Primera Bravo XR-Blu

Primera Technology has begun shipping the Bravo XR-Blu ($5,295) disc publisher. Bravo XR-Blu is said to be the world’s first automated burn-and-print device to support new high-capacity Blu-ray disc recorders and media.

Along with its built-in robotics and full-color direct-to-disc inkjet printing, the Bravo XR-Blu incorporates Pioneer Electronics’ new BDR-101A Blu-ray disc/DVD recorder. It also includes Blu-ray–enabled recording software based on technology from Sonic Solutions to provide a complete and professional Blu-ray disc publishing solution. TDK Electronics Corporation provides recordable BD-R printable-surface media for the XR-Blu.

The initial release of the Bravo XR-Blu uses single-layer discs to store up to 25 Gigabytes of data. An upgrade will allow dual-layer media, which stores up to 50 Gigabytes of data per disc. Because up to 50 discs can be loaded into the Bravo XR-Blu at a time, this yields a total native capacity of up to 2.5 terabytes of data that can be published in a single session. Blu-ray discs use shorter-wavelength blue lasers for storing more data.

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