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Prism Sound CALLIA USB D/A Converter and Preamp

Designed and manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom, the Prism Sound CALLIA USB Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) and digital audio preamplifier is tailored for listening to music, and could be useful in a mastering house or for an engineer who seeks a super-clean sounding headphone reference DAC.

CALLIA offers high quality analog power amplification and loudspeakers. Using the Prism Sound audio signal path, clock circuitry and the same ARM Cortex processor and USB platform used in Prism Sound’s professional product range, CALLIA supports both USB and S/PDIF players.

The design goal for CALLIA was to provide Prism Sound audio quality in a sophisticated but easy to use package for listening to music. CALLIA delivers the standard of audio performance demanded by top recording professionals from 44.1 to 384 kHz sampling or in DSD64 or DSD128.

CALLIA has the same analog circuitry as its professional cousins, with the same fully-balanced-throughout architecture and the same isolation barriers protecting the analogue from digital and computer interference.

The headphone output is a low 4-ohm impedance, designed for the best possible performance. Settings switches on the rear panel of the unit provide suitable sensitivity settings for most headphone types, to avoid the risk of wide variations in level among different headphone models with impedances ranging from a few ohms to more than 250 ohms. 

CALLIA is compatible with a wide range of computer hardware, using a USB 2 interface supporting UAC2 audio. CALLIA also supports S/PDIF digital audio inputs.

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