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Prism Sound dScope III Version 1.2 Software

Prism Sound has launched Version 1.2 of its dScope III audio analyzer software. The new version provides tools for acoustic measurements and another package for PC audio.

The Acoustic package offers transducer/room test support covering dB SPL units; measurement mic sensitivity and frequency response calibration; Transfer function using MLS, impulse response and FFT or swept-sine method (also useful for electronic/DSP EUTs); dynamic loudspeaker impedance measurement by using an external ballast resistor in series with the drive unit; and analog I/O running optionally at 48 kHz, as well as 96 kHz and 192 kHz.

The PC Audio package is aimed at users who need to test the complex devices that appear as part of the PC’s audio system (sound cards, Bluetooth headsets, etc.).

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