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Producer Gareth Jones Uses G-Force Software with Erasure

Over the past 30 years, producer Gareth Jones has worked on albums by Depeche Mode, John Foxx, Nick Cave, Garbage, Nitzer Ebb, Vince Clarke, Fad Gadget and Wire. Currently, Jones is working with Erasure on their new release and making extensive use of G-Force software synths.

“I use The Oddity, M-Tron and the Minimonsta,” Jones says, “and I’m just getting to grips with the impOSCar. I am very software orientated. I now have an amazing multitrack recording studio in a laptop. This has changed everything. But I believe it is the ideas that count, the people involved—not the technology. I am a digital fan, so I am excited to see this proliferation of digital technology, including soft synths and virtual instruments.

“I find the emulations really inspiring and convenient with extra features that the originals lack,” Jones continues. “This is important, as is the price and portability. To me, whether they are the same as the originals is irrelevant. I don’t own the originals, I don’t want to own the originals and I never will own the originals!”

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