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Product Spotlight: Peavey ReValver MKIII Modeling Software

There were some genuine concerns last year when Peavey acquired Alien Connections and its ReValver guitar amplifier modeling software. There were some who feared that Peavey was simply interested in taking the technology and adapting it into some other products, casting this popular program aside in the process. But happily, this is not the case, and after checking out a demo of the new Peavey ReValver Mk III, I can say that the software is in very good hands, with ReValver continuing to break new ground in terms of providing unprecedented control over amp tonality, gain structures and coloration.

ReValver Mk III models 15 classic guitar amps, including several Peavey models such as the Triple XXX and 6505, through an algorithm that analyzes the interactions of the components on the circuit level, based on the amps’ original schematics. By controlling these amplifier models from the component level, ReValver is able to model every nuance with amazing accuracy, creating totally new capabilities where adventurous players can design their ultimate custom amps and speaker systems.

“ReValver brings a unique approach to modeling software because it essentially lets players design their own amplifiers,” says Hartley Peavey, founder and CEO of Peavey Electronics, which acquired Alien Connections and ReValver in 2007. “In that sense, ReValver complements the vision of the groundbreaking online Peavey Custom Shop. The implications this technology will have on the future of the music-products industry are vast.”

The software GUI has an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface for adding/subtracting individual components and devices such as amplifiers, preamps, power amps, stomp boxes and effects. Operating the amp models can be as simple as clicking through presets or as in-depth tweakoid as the user desires. To give you an idea, beyond selecting different combinations of tubes, users can get very deep, including adjusting parameters such as plate voltage, cathode/grid resistor values, transformer impedances, bias voltages, the effect of a sagging power supply and more. Users can program more than 15 features on each tube stage, with as many as 17 preamp and power tube types to choose from.

ReValver Mk III also features a robust stomp-box and effects section, including various types of chorus, distortion, wah, tremolo, compression, limiter, delay, octaver and much more. A new FFT-based convolution reverb allows for very complex and smooth reverbs, including sampled spring reverb, and allows users to import their own WAV samples. Standard guitar tuner and strobe tuner functions are also available with just a mouse click.

Requirements: Mac—1 GHz CPU; 512 MB RAM; 1024×768 screen resolution; VST/Audio Units host or sound card; Windows—1 GHz CPU; 512 MB RAM; 1024×768 screen resolution; VST host or ASIO/WDM soundcard.

MSRP is $299.99. Shipping is slated to begin in March 2008. For more information, visit