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× Announces Free Webinar in Advance of September 28 Launch Date

The launch date for enrollment with, the first artist-controlled authority of music credits, is just around the corner on September 28 and the organization is offering a free launch party/Webinar for any interested songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers.

In addition, some of the industry’s most respected organizations are already singing the praises of’s revolutionary new platform:

“Protecting the best interests of musicians is the top priority for us, and ensuring proper credit to the work of musicians in the digital age is a major challenge. is not only educating musicians on how important data is to preserving their musical legacies; it is also offering a valuable solution to collect and maintain musicians’ data through its platform.” – Professional Musicians Local 47

“Music Reports fully supports ProMusicDB’s goal of helping artists take control of their digital identity and providing credit where credit is due.” – Music Reports

A number of well-established and highly regarded music professionals are also touting the groundbreaking technology has developed to enable music creators to take control of their credits:

“Forget the fact that is the easiest and most comprehensive database out there. Or even the fact that ‘talks’ to more music services than any other option out there. If for no other reason, you should sign up for ProMusicDB just to get hundreds of hours of your life back. Think of how many more tunes you could write.” – Kevin Saunders Hayes (Composer, Songwriter, Producer)

“ProMusicDB is the absolute future for accurately documenting a musician’s film, television, and recording credits. This is the premiere one-stop database for artists to share their performance credits, and more importantly for anybody to find those credits.” – Terry Wollman (Recording Artist, Producer)

“Christy Crowl and her team have pulled off the technological feat of the 21st century for professional musicians. As a musician and a technologist, I am all too aware of the challenges that exist in regard to validating information about music creators and musicians online. From my perspective, not only encourages musicians to begin preserving their digital legacy, but bridges the gap between archival and business worlds for validated artist-contributed information. I applaud’s monumental accomplishment to-date, and I encourage my colleagues to become members in this collective endeavor.” – Kimmy Szeto, Vocal Accompanist and Arranger, Argento Chamber Ensemble

“For as long as there has been a music business, musicians have been lost in the shuffle, lost to the music companies and their royalty systems, and lost in the consciousness of the listening public.  At long last there is a solution, the, the IMDB of the music business.  It won’t be long before becomes an indispensable tool for the business and the public alike.” – Larry Iser, Managing Partner of Kinsella, Weitzman, Iser, Kump & Aldisert, LLP

“ProMusicDB helps empower musicians by providing them with the tools they need to document their professional activities and achievements. This is incredibly important for one’s career because these records, if accurate and complete, will help them get their next gig, their next big break, and collectively describe their legacy as an artist.” – Nicolas Sincaglia (President/Founder, NueMeta, LLC and DePaul University School of Music Performing Arts Management Faculty)

Christy Crowl, founder and CEO of, reflected on the journey leading up to this groundbreaking moment for music creators. “We have come a long way in three years, seeing grow from a good idea into a widely recognized solution for ensuring music credits in the digital age. We are grateful for the incredible support and endorsements from influential organizations in the industry to help make this a reality. We invite anyone who wants to have their credits properly archived to attend our free Webinar.”

Interested artists can pre-register for upcoming enrollment information. Registration is open at