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Pyramind Offers New Electronic Music Producer Certificate

One of the three classroom/studios at Pyramind

Pyramind: The Institute for Advanced Digital Audio Training has launched its new Electronic Music Producer (EMP) certificate program, which begins this month. The eight-month course load has a hands-on emphasis where students learn to use the most popular music software, along with getting a firm background in songwriting, music theory, synthesis, mixing and arranging, as well as the “business’ of music” in a studio environment.

“Our new Electronic Music Producer certificate grew out of student demand for a music-only focused curriculum,” said Greg Gordon, founder and president of Pyramind. “Although our Digital Producer certificate is still right for people seeking the broadest possible knowledge base in music, video and sound for picture, we found that focusing in on music creation, production and business is where a lot of musicians want to be. What’s most important to them is recording, producing and arranging their music or artists they choose to work with, or starting independent record labels, production studios and production companies. Through the twenty classes in the Electronic Music Producer program, the student gets a broad, as well as deep exposure to producing music, and the business of music.”

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