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QSC To Become Two Independent Divisions

AV Network's Cindy Davis sits down with QSC President and COO Jatan Shah to discover how and why the company is separating into two independent divisions.

Jatan ShahThis interview first appeared at AV Network at

I recently sat down with Jatan Shah, QSC President and COO, to chat about some organization updates to their business, including separating into two distinct divisions.

Cindy Davis:  Why are you separating QSC into two independent divisions?

Jatan Shah:  QSC’s business is doing exceptionally well. As our customers, partners and the markets we serve continue to expand and grow, and we look ahead to our longer-term outlook, it became clear that in order to unlock the growth and people potential of our business and teams, operating as two independent divisions under the same ownership will simplify operations, unlock new growth and value creation potential, and will enable us to better serve our customers and partners. It will also bring QSC team members a renewed sense of focus for the business and customers they serve and support each and every day.

CD:  What will be the focus of each of these two divisions?

JS:  This is a realignment of our organization to better serve our customers. We have 53 years of history in the live sound and professional audio market with best-in-class products and a prominent brand and product portfolio, for which we will create a Pro Audio division under the QSC brand. For the AV/IT market we have a rapidly growing systems business with our Q-SYS Platform and surrounding Ecosystem, which will be under a new AV/IT division name incorporating our new Q-SYS branding and messaging.  Probably the most visible change will be the launch of two separate (cross-linked/connected) websites for the Pro Audio and AV/IT businesses.

QSC Names Jatan Shah President/COO

CD:  What changes can we expect?

JS:  Each division will develop its own unique strategy lead by its own management team focused on the business, product, branding and go-to-market strategy based on the unique needs of the distinct customers, partners and markets they serve.

CD:  When will you start operating your business as two divisions?

JS:  Our fiscal year calendar starts on July 3, so on July 3rd, 2022, we will begin operating as two separate divisions under the same ownership.

CD:  What does this change imply for customers, suppliers, and partners?

JS:  It is business-as-usual today and into the future. Our guiding principles are to maximize transparency in our communications, and to minimize complexity and impact to our partners and customers. For example, starting July 3rd, we expect minimal change in the way our customers order products or receive support. Our customers and partners should rest assured that in most every situation, they will be interacting with the same trusted QSC team members they’ve always been working with.

CD:  Sounds exciting! Any final thoughts?

JS:  We continue to be grateful to our partners and customers who’ve helped us build a fantastic multinational business and an amazing brand. We expect this change to better support our partners and customers and bring a new level of focus to our QSC team members.