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QSC WL218-sw Subwoofer

A dual-18 subwoofer built for flown or groundstack applications, the new WL218-sw subwoofer from QSC is operable down to 31 Hz and capable of delivering high acoustic output (139dB SPL @ 1m). Ideally suited for use with QSC’s WideLine loudspeakers, it can also be used with other professional full-range enclosures.

The WL218-sw stands can be flown via three-point rigging scheme that is essentially a larger-scale version of that used with QSC’s WideLine system. Using a proprietary, heavy-duty frame (model AF218-w) made from welded, aviation-grade aluminum, each hanging WL218-sw array facilitates the suspension of up to eight individual subwoofers with a 10:1 design factor.

In cases where flying is impractical, the WL218-sw can quickly be groundstacked with the aid of interlocking feet and recess features machined into each enclosure’s end-caps.

Every WL218-sw enclosure is built from birch plywood protected with an eco-friendly, waterborne polymer finish. Each cabinet additionally features extensive internal bracing that eliminates acoustical losses caused by panel resonance. The design’s integrity is further enhanced by vent walls constructed of the same plywood as the outer enclosure and generous, strategically located ports capable of moving large amounts of air with a minimum of turbulence. The latter design element also eliminates asymmetrical loading of the woofers.

Safeguarded by a 14-gauge, powder-coated steel grille, each of the WL218-sw’s 18-inch premium transducers are housed in their own separate chamber to prevent failure of one driver from affecting the performance of the other. Incorporating a double-layer spider and triple-roll surround that promotes extended and controlled excursion at extreme power, the woofers are equipped with a4-inch voice coil wound on a Fiberglas former that resists deformation at high operating temperatures.

The WL218-sw will be available beginning in August 2006. For more information, click here. For more new sound reinforcement products, visit