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RØDE Microphones Buys Event Electronics

Australian microphone manufacturer RØDE Microphones has acquired Event Electronics, makers of professional studio monitors. Event will remain based in Carpinteria, Calif.

“Event is a long-established and very well-respected brand with a strong domestic and international sales program,” says Peter Freedman, president of RØDE. “We see a great deal of synergy in this union, and I am excited about the potential for expansion of the line.”

RØDE employs 80 people at a high-tech plant in Sydney. The company has a dedicated distribution and service center located in Torrance, Calif., which is headed by Mark Ludmer, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the music technology industry.

Ludmer also takes on the role of CEO of Event Electronics.

RØDE has been friendly with Event since the company was formed, and Event was instrumental in launching RØDE in the U.S. market. There has, and continues to be, a strong personal relationship between the company principals.

“I love speaker technology,” said Freedman. “I’m fascinated by that sector and always wanted to get involved. I can now play with both ends of the transducer spectrum.”

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