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Radial mPress, Exo-Pod Press Audio Distribution System is Now Shipping

Radial Engineering Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia, is now shipping the mPress and Exo-Pod press audio distribution system (MAP: $1,099.99 for the main unit and $279.99 for each Exo-Pod module). The mPress offers nearly unlimited signal expansion without degradation or noise, and is configured in two parts with a master host, the mPress, and a series of external slaves called Exo-Pods.

The mPress is housed in a standard 19-inch rack enclosure and has two mic inputs, both of which are equipped with a variable level control highpass filter to eliminate excessive resonance and tame the proximity effect.

For podium mics, 48-volt phantom power is available and activated using a front panel switch. This is recessed to prevent accidental use. Selecting between the mic channels is done using front panel switches. In order to control ballistics from overly excited orators, the mPress has been outfitted with two easy to use knob limiters for threshold and release.

To accommodate walk-in music, the mPress is equipped with ¼-inch, RCA and 3.5mm stereo inputs along with a separate level control. This enables the mPress to be connected to a couple of powered speakers via the main stereo XLR outputs to provide background entertainment while the gallery waits for the arrival of the featured presentation. A headphone output on the front panel is available for local monitoring and troubleshooting.

There are eight specially designed balanced outputs, with two on the front panel, and six on the rear. Each of these may be configured using a recessed switch for mic level or high output drive to feed an Exo-Pod. This allows the mPress to be used as a 2×8 distro for smaller events or expanded by adding Exo-Pods on the outputs. The Exo-Pod is a passive floor box that features an XLR input, a throughput for expansion, a local level control plus 10 XLR mic outputs and four 3.5mm mini TRS outs for those who are equipped with a mini recorder.

A test tone may be activated to set local and master levels. With the use of eight Exo-Pods, one can distribute the signal to as many as 112 users. This can be further expanded using the throughputs by simply adding more Exo-Pods. Power is only needed at the main mPress box and is supplied via an external lock supply that will accept any input from 100 to 240 volts.

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