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Radial Updates SW8 Backing Track Switcher

Radial Engineering Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia, has updated the SW8 backing track switcher with several new features and functions. The SW8 is designed to switch eight audio channels simultaneously.

Backing tracks are recorded on two separate systems and each is sent to the SW8, where the user may manually select between the playback systems or have the SW8 automatically switch between them when a drop-out occurs via an internal gate. Inputs include a choice of ΒΌ-inch TRS or 25-pin D-Subs. The outputs can be via a series of transformer isolated low-Z XLR outputs to run through a snake system or a D-Sub.

New features include a ‘standby’ function that enables the technician to stop the show in between songs when the artist chooses to speak to the audience. A global mute turns off all outputs allowing the tech to monitor playback tracks and prepare playback cue points. Two signal status LEDs have been added for both A and B playback systems providing visual indicators to show signal present. External remote control options now include either a footswitch or desktop options with LED status indicators. To help eliminate switching noise with less than ideal sources, a series of filters have been added on all channels. Gate level controls have also been relocated to the front panel for easier manipulation.

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