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Radio Shanghai Outfits Studios With Studer

The Shanghai Media Group (SMG) is completing a comprehensive upgrade of its on-air studios, equipping them all with new Studer OnAir 2000 Series audio mixing consoles supplied by ACE Advanced Communication Equipment (Int’l) Co. Ltd.

At the end of 2003, SMG began a program of upgrading its on-air studios to a level of full digital integration. To date, 10 on-air and production studios at the station have been transformed into fully digital studios with an additional three studios on the verge of being upgraded. Some of the smaller on-air studios are using Studer’s OnAir1000 mixers, bringing SMG’s total Studer inventory to 11.

Shanghai Media Group (SMG) is a multimedia conglomerate of radio and television stations, newspapers, and Websites with total assets of 10.7 billion yuan and more than 5,200 employees. It comprises 10 nationally renowned media organizations, which all use the same production facilities. Chief amongst these are Radio Shanghai, which broadcasts four channels—news, travel, drama and fiction, and folk opera—to an audience of 50 million people in the Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta area, and Eastern Radio Shanghai, which further extends coverage into the east of China.

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