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Rain Recording Nimbus Pro

Rain Recording UK now offers the Nimbus Pro Q1 (approx. $2,527) and Nimbus Pro Q2 (approx. $3,791) audio workstations, which are built around Intel’s Core 2 quad processor. Both machines offer one Terabyte of recording space in a RAID-0 configuration, and the passively cooled NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT graphics processor.

The Nimbus Pro also expands upon Rain’s QuietCool balanced system design, offering a combination of acoustic lining, anti-vibration hard-drive enclosures and an extra-large, heat-pipe CPU cooler. An all-aluminum chassis facilitates the cooling process by letting heat dissipate naturally. Nimbus’ DVD±RW drive is enclosed behind scissor doors. It also allows room for front mounted ports.

Nimbus Pro comes standard with Microsoft’s Vista Ultimate OS; the Q1 ships with the Vista 32-bit edition while the Q2 has Vista 64 Ultimate, which is able to address 8 GB of RAM.

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