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Rain Recording StormDrive TERA

Rain Recording announces StormDrive TERA (priced from $679.95), a high performance, portable RAID storage solution designed around the eSATA platform for the fast streaming and backup of up to 2 Terabytes of data. The newest addition to Rain’s StormDrive line of portable external hard drives offers portable RAID storage solution for digital audio and video.

Rain’s new aluminum clad super-drive offers a small footprint and numerous features, including a transfer rate of 3 Gigabytes per second . With its standard USB 2 port, StormDrive TERA offers universal compatibility with all desktop and notebook computers. Users can also connect to their Mac or PC via the included eSATA port, which is said to offer more than six times the speed of a standard FireWire connection.

A simple control panel on the rear of the unit lets users choose between RAID-0, RAID-1 or a standard individual dual drive configuration. RAID, which stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, is able to write data redundantly to two disks while in RAID-1 mode. By combining the power of two drives “striped” to RAID-0, users can write information to the drive twice as fast by dividing a single job between both disks.

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