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Rane Corporation Polices eBay Sales

Rane Corporation issued a release stating that the company “has expended considerable resources to develop and maintain a reputation for providing the highest quality products and services to its customers. In an effort to protect and preserve its intellectual property rights, Rane regularly monitors the Internet, including auction sites, in order to address the infringement of our rights.”

Rane is stepping up its policing of unauthorized eBay sales. Rane is a member of the eBay Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program and strictly enforces proper use of its trademarks, services marks, copyrights and authorized dealer agreements. Rane regularly reports intellectual property infringements, and eBay expeditiously removes unauthorized listings.

The most common violators offer “new” or “brand new” or “new in the box (NIB)” Rane products for sale when they are not a Rane authorized dealer, or the auction constitutes an unauthorized resale of Rane products obtained from an authorized dealer. Many auctions offer new Rane software for sale in violation of a license. These listings always violate Rane’s MAP policy and fail to disclose to consumers appropriate warranty terms, or lack thereof.

Rane values its intellectual property and takes its protection seriously. Any auctions, or offers for sale, that infringe upon, or violate Rane’s rights, will be pursued.

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