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Rascal Flatts See Harman on Tour

Sound Image is currently on a U.S. tour with Rascal Flatts and a HiQnet system featuring dbx processing and Crown power configured to drive passive JBL Professional VerTec line arrays. The complete system is controlled by HiQnet System Architect configuration and control software that FOH engineer Jon Garber found to be easy to use, fast to learn and extremely reliable.

“We have a complicated, 22-zone P.A. system,” Garber says. “We needed to be able to control it all from FOH and only System Architect allows us to do that. We can load our templates at the start of the tour and simply call them up when we arrive and everything’s right in place.”

Garber can mute all 81 Crown I-Tech amps at once with the push of a button, but he can also run diagnostics remotely to troubleshoot and to reset whatever he needs to from one position. This includes gain, delay, EQ, mutes and load impedance. The amps are I-Tech 8000s with internal processing for handling crossovers within the amp. This HiQnet system comprising dbx and Crown devices drives JBL Professional VerTec line arrays comprised of 112 elements overall, featuring VT4889 full-size line array elements along with VT4880 arrayable subwoofers.

Rascal Flatts and Garber have used System Architect and the same P.A. setup for the band’s last two tours. The critical part of their decision-making is that the software allows the band to achieve a consistency from song to song and from one room to the next as they tour in support of their upcoming new album.

“Consistency is the key,” Garber says. “Both management and the artist emphasize it because people want to hear the Rascal Flatts sound, not something different. The ease of use, adaptability and power of HiQnet System Architect allows us to provide that no matter what room we’re playing in. We just load the templates for the rooms that are scheduled for the tour, call them up and we have a show!

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