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RBDG Helps Renovate Red Car’s Dallas Branch

In a move to convert its Dallas location into a turnkey facility, post-production house Red Car recently added post audio/recording capabilities designed by Russ Berger Design Group (RBDG). During the initial planning of this renovation project, Red Car’s recording engineer, Collyer Spreen, knew that Russ Berger would be the ideal teammate for converting the Dallas production space into an acoustically accurate recording studio.

“I’ve known Russ a while through our involvement in Dallas’ music industry,” Spreen explains. “We’ve been trying for years to get together to build a Russ Berger-designed studio for me to work in, and this project was a good fit for both of us.”

From the start, a short timeframe and limited space placed significant constraints on the project. The area originally designated for the audio space would not be available in time to be renovated within the project deadline, so RBDG got creative. By reviewing how existing spaces were being used, they identified an underused edit bay that contained infrastructure suitable for Red Car’s new audio post space.

“By limiting the critical listening area and using the appropriate acoustical treatments, we were able to provide a controlled reference experience for the operator and a reliable client listening area,” says Russ Berger, president of RBDG. “Fortunately, the space we inherited had good bones and the room ratios were workable with only slight modification. “

The post audio space, known to the Red Car staff as Audio Post B, is designed for a single operator with two to three client listeners. Monolithic stretched fabric systems with multiple density and thickness core provide sound absorption. pArtScience SpaceArray diffusors return controlled ambience and focus to the listening area.

“We had to work with certain cubic feet limitations, but the compromises were minimal compared to the end results,” says Spreen. “The finished space is very well-imaged and balanced, as well as having the feeling of a much bigger space.”

What started as a simple audio post addition grew into enhancements that significantly improved Red Car’s client experience and staff interaction within the facility. Once RBDG had the opportunity to study the space and understand Red Car’s workflow, the design firm decided to renovate and expand one of the facility’s edit suites, convert storage space into two edit bays, add library storage off the central equipment room, add a voice-over booth and reconfigure the corridor to provide access to all new spaces.

Audio Post B is being used to record voice-overs, as well as solo instrumentalists, and has ISDN capabilities for recording distance talent. Additionally, Audio Post B houses the latest Pro Tools ICON system and a full 5.1 surround setup.

Since the majority of Red Car’s workload is short films, commercials and television projects, the company has also added a large plasma screen to match the sound the room provides. “With audio, everyone wants a giant sound, and it’s hard to mix to a 23 inch TV monitor,” Spreen continues. “So, you want to have visual and audio feel and look big. I think we’ve achieved that in this room.”

“When embarking on this project, our goal was excellent performance from Audio Post B and the associated renovation,” Berger notes. “I’m confident we’ve successfully achieved our goal, as there is nothing ’B’ about the result. We are very proud of our association with Red Car, and are excited to continue work with them this fall on new construction for the larger Audio Post A suite.”

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