Renkus-Heinx CF/CFX Series


Offered in powered (CF) or passive (CFX) versions, the new CF/CFX Series from Renkus-Heinz brings R-H performance to a lower price point. Powered models use the company’s PF-1 Intelligent Digital Amplifier.

Using simpler cabinet designs and offering fewer options to achieve cost efficiency, the series has four trapezoidal, two-way full-range cabinets with HF compression drivers on rotatable Complex Conic horns: The CF/CFX61 (6-inch LF and 150x60-degree horn), CF/CFX81 (8-inch LF with 150x60-degree horn), CF/CFX121 (12-inch LF and 90x60-degree horn) and CF/CFX151 (15-inch woofer and 90x40-degree horn). A two-way CF/CFX121M 12-inch woofer slant monitor is available, as is the CF/CFX18S single-18 direct-radiating subwoofer.

Multipurpose hardware (such as handles, pole sockets and six-point universal mounts) makes the line adaptable for portable or fixed installs.

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