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REVx Technologies Announces Distribution Partnership with Tour Supply

REVx Technologies in Austin, Texas, creators of the REV33 TrueSound, announce the launch of their partnership with Tour Supply. As of September 8, Tour Supply, a major tour supply product and technology distributor for professional musicians, will now sell the REV33 in-store and online.This is the first major partnership for REV33, a revolutionary audio technology that greatly reduces ear-fatigue by minimizing noise and distortion created by in-ear monitors, headphones and earphones.

“REVx Technologies is so excited to partner with Tour Supply,” states Brett Butler, CEO and co-founder of the REVx Technologies and the REV33. “They are trusted by professional musicians and like us, set a high bar for themselves in providing excellent service to their clients. We are proud that Tour Supply sought to offer the benefits of the REV33 to their very important clients after only launching the REV33 in March.”

Tour Supply’s CEO, Lance Wascom adds, “We are always looking for products that fit our unique market. After hearing about REV33 from some very credible sources, we were intrigued to say the least. When we discovered the short and long term benefits the REV33 can create, it became a ‘must have’ product for us. Many of our clients fight ear fatigue and related symptoms on a daily basis. Reducing or eliminating this can be a game changer for our industry. We’re excited to get started!”

According to REVx Technologies, REV33 TrueSound is a revolutionary audio technology developed to reduce ear-fatigue experienced by musicians and sound engineers. Designed to work with existing in-ear monitors, headphones and earbuds, the REV33 decreases the noise and distortion that they generate. The profound effect of the REV33 has been validated by music professionals in the field for over a year in many different venues from churches to large stadium concert venues.

Each model of REV33 is calibrated to work with the drivers in a given brand and model of in-ears and headphones. This customized approach ensures that the REV33 significantly reduces the fatigue-causing noise and distortion generated by those drivers. while not compressing, equalizing, limiting or otherwise processing the audio signal.

There are multiple sources of distortion and noise impacted by the REV33. These include the high frequency noise commonly generated by amplifiers and other system components, distortion generated by microphonics and the movement of the drivers, and distortion enabled by the dynamic impedance of the drivers.

The REV33 impacts the unwanted electrical signal generated by this distortion energy before it can corrupt the music signal. This is what we call the REV33 TrueSound. The impact on ear fatigue has been consistently and overwhelmingly positive.

For more information, visit the REV33 True Sound Facebook page.

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