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RHCP Brings Out LightViper

FiberPlex’s LightViper VIS-4832 fiber-optic digital audio transport system is a key component in the sophisticated digital recording system that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have taken on the road as they kick off their 2006 European summer tour.

The RHCP are taking a sophisticated Digidesign Pro Tools system out on the road this year to record and archive concert performances. In addition to reliable performance, economy of space was a key consideration in planning the logistics of the tour: the entire 32-channel Pro Tools rig—including a Mac G5, 32 channels of Focusrite mic pre’s and all cabling and power units—had to fit into two 15-space racks and three Pelican flight cases.

“For the Chili Peppers’ touring Pro Tools recording rig, we were looking for a versatile, compact and reliable snaking system,” says Dave Rat, the Chili Peppers’ front-of-house mixer for the past 16 years. “Faced with potential cable runs in excess of 300 feet and mounting worldwide airfreight costs, multi-core copper was not a viable solution. We only run 25 inputs off the stage so the LightViper 32-channel system was a perfect choice. The snake system needed to have AES/EBU outs to accommodate the supercompact Pro Tools rig. We did a slight mod on the mounting and racked both the VIS-4832 (stage end) and the LightViper VIM-1832 (recording end) behind the 1U TAC-4 fiber connector panel to save the extra rackspace. Mounting the 500-foot cable reel in the bottom of the mic pre rack further streamlined the system.

“We really needed something highly compact that could not only archive every show, but could also act as a full mixdown facility as well,” Rat continues. “The LightViper was exactly the snake solution we needed to make this happen. It’s fully self-contained and simple to set up. It’s making a world of difference for this world tour.”

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