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Ricky Martin, and Crew Convene at Record Plant

From L to R: Latin Radio promoter (name unknown), a friend of Martin’s (name unknown), rapper/programmer/producer Looney from the Reggaeton group the Looney Tune, engineer Anthony Kilhoffer, producer and Black Eyed Peas frontman, another unnamed Reggaeton producer, Black Eyed Peas guitarist George Pajon Jr., assistant engineer Richard Reitz, singer Debbie Nova and singer Dante Santiago

Latin pop sensation Ricky Martin visited the Record Plant to work with producer of the Black Eyed Peas on three songs for Martin’s upcoming Sony release. Will reportedly brought in several BEP regulars to work on Martin’s tracks, including guitarist George Pajon Jr., backing vocalist Debbie Nova and singer Dante Santiago, as well as several other musicians and support personnel. Martin brought along Reggaeton producers the Loony Tune to program some Reggaeton vibe

”It was a giant collaboration that spanned may different styles and musical aspects, from the Cuban style guitar of George Pajon Jr., to the blazing beats and energy of, and with the vocal flavors that only Ricky Martin could deliver,” says engineer Anthony Kilhoffer. Sessions took place in the Record Plant’s massive SSL-4 studio, which features an 80 input SSL 9000 J, along with a 40x35x25-foot live room, 21x21x4-foot “super live” room and a 30×23-foot control booth.

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