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Riedel Communications Connect IP

Riedel Communications introduced an enhanced version of its Connect IP ($TBA) at IBC2007 in Amsterdam. Connect IP is a specialized audio-over-IP interface that enables users to connect an intercom system to IP-based networks.

Engineered to transport high-quality audio over digital IP-based networks, Riedel’s Connect IP is intended for matrix-to-matrix connections (trunking), matrix-to-control panel connections (remote panel) and distribution of audio lines. Connect IP promises maximum durability by ensuring audio availability under the most extreme circumstances. With Connect IP’s new optimized configuration software, the device can be configured to meet individual bandwidth needs, offering users greater flexibility through a combination of audio quality and low network traffic.

Additional new features include a reset button on the front, password protection, a log-file function and free configuration of packet size according to the network environment and the user’s needs. As a standard 19-inch rackmount unit, Connect IP is said to be fully compatible with all intercom systems and able to integrate with the Artist system. Used in conjunction with Artist intercom systems, users can remotely control panels via IP networks. The device also can be used as a stand-alone solution to provide an AES3/EBU audio stream through an IP-based network. For these applications, the new version features the ability to minimize network traffic through disabling the transport of control data.

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