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RME MADI Converter

RME´s new MADI converter converts MADI digital audio streams from optical format to coaxial and from coaxial to optical. The compact 19-inch, 1U device comprises six independent, bi-directional converters.

The MADI converter will operate with any MADI format, including 56-channel and 64-channel, as well as with any sample rate (including out-of-spec rates) and will transfer “invisible” control bits unchanged. Special equalization and highly sensitive input stages allow distances of up to 328 feet for coaxial cables. Up to 6,561 feet can be covered with optical cables.

All 12 inputs are equipped with status LEDs on the front panel. Any input signal will pass through unaltered.

Additionally, a MIDI distributor allows copying one MIDI input signal to three MIDI outputs. Several devices can be controlled without an external MIDI distributor.

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