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Roger Nichols Digital Detailer

Roger Nichols Digital announces Detailer ($349), a stereo mastering tool and final mix plug-in for a DAW’s master fader, and the first RND plug-in developed specifically by Nichols using his session experience. Employing a 3-band limiter and dynamic widening using psycho-acoustic processing, Detailer promises to increase the clarity in a final mix while still allowing for increased loudness. Detailer is available as a Universal Binary plug-in for RTAS, VST and Audio Units formats for Mac OS X, and for the Windows platform in RTAS and VST formats.

Detailer splits the incoming signal into three frequency bands that are each processed independently. RND states that phase shifts at the crossover points have been eliminated. Once the signal processing is complete, the three bands are recombined into a full-frequency band signal.

Detailer uses spectral harmonic detection and intelligent parameter adjustment to apply its dynamic-widening processes only where and when they are useful. The advanced limiting algorithms from RND’s Finis plug-in ensure maximum audio levels when needed while preserving audio dynamics.

All RND DAW plug-ins are available as 14-day evaluation copies from the company’s Website.

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