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Roland Fantom-XR

Roland has announced that owners of the Fantom-XR rack can now add Version 2-functionality to their rack with the FAN-XR-UP1 Sample Tools Expansion Kit, available at New features include an onboard Multisample Editor, a Sample Gain parameter, an Auto-Patch Bank mode (which creates patches for every sample for quick use in a composition), a multisample editor, and upgraded Fantom-X Editor Version 2, including S-700 sample-conversion software for Mac and PC. The new operating system is installed from the supplied Compact Flash card and PC-card adapter.

The 1U rack module has room for over 1GB of sounds, while its 128MB internal wave ROM includes new Patches such as an 88-key split piano, plus room for six SRX expansions. Full-blown user sampling is also supported, along with .WAV/AIFF compatibility for loading samples via USB. And with PC Card storage, the Fantom-XR assures easy backup of data.

Upgrade details are available at

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